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Trusting God

I remember when I was just a child around six to 7 years old I use to play with my shadow almost every night. My grandmother had warned me multiple times not to do that, because I would end up having nightmare. But of course as a child, I’ve never listened. Until one night I started having the worst nightmares ever. I remembered every time I started crying and screaming, my grandmother would simply told me in the middle of the dark “Ricky it is just a dream, it’s not reality”, I stopped crying and screaming. Hearing her voice in the dark saying that to me gave me peace and a sense of confidence and security. In order words, her voice gave me strengths that had helped me overcome my fear. Because, I knew for sure that my grandmother would never let anything bad happened to me. She was my guardian and the best parent I’ve ever had.

Well, being an adult now, I have the same feeling for God. In the middle of the storm, every time I hear his voice, it calms my heart. It reassures me that everything is going to be okay. God isn’t like us human. Sometimes certain things may take place in our lives and, honestly, we didn’t see them coming. It’s like they hit us by surprise. But, for God, he sees and knows everything. There are other things, we bring them to ourselves by not being more cautious and wiser in our decisions making. And, God often lets that happens, because letting bad things taking place in our lives can be exactly what we need to become better human beings and humble.

Other than God, failures and mistakes are the two greatest teachers a person could ever have. They pin point your strengths and your weaknesses. They help us figure out the exact area (s) that we need to work on, whether to let go or to strengthen, in order not to get the same result we’ve been getting in the past. It’s easy to blame people for our own mistakes and failures, instead of taking a closer look at ourselves and our methods of doing things. Such practice helps us take all responsibilities off our back and put them on somebody else. When you live a life style of blaming others for your mistakes and failures, you will realize that you’re getting the same result with and from everyone. It’s like nobody’s good enough for you.

Until you slow your life down a little bit and ask yourself the right questions “What am I not doing right? What exactly do I need to change in me in order to get different results?” nothing will change and life will become a burden instead of a joyful experience that no one can ever live twice. I remember when I was a missionary, my mission president use to tell me, “A person who keeps doing the same thing and then expects different result will never succeed in life.” Well, that’s a hard truth. Sometimes, hard truths are exactly what we need to hear in order to shake and wake us up once and for all. Nothing is inflexible in life, everything is moving, even the planet is moving. When a person is static, he/she is risking getting hit by everything that’s moving around him/her.

R.M. (Clinical Psychologist)

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