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We are a group of Professionals of different Social and religious’ background who are eager to help fight Poverty, inequality, Social Injustice, and Illiteracy in Haiti. Our mission is motivated by only one thing, the desire to help those in needs. 

President/CEO & Mission Strategist

Jean M. Brice-Montas

Hello and welcome to everyone to Brice Foundation. My name is Jean M. Brice-Montas, and I am indeed the founder and CEO of Brice Foundation Incorporated. I studied Computer science, Business and Marketing, Transportation and Logistics, and I'm also a behavioral researcher in Psychology and author of two books that will soon see the light of day (“For the People by the People” and “The long walk in the Shadow of Death”.) Creating Brice Foundation was driven by one single goal: building a better haiti where those who are living in severe poverty can hope for a better future for themselves and their children. I've always had the desire to help those in needs, this is a trait that I acquired at a very young age. I've served a mission in Haiti for 2 years where I was very fortunate change and bring a lot of people closer to God. A few months later I was hired by a high level company where I traveled all over the country to meet other people, especially those who find themselves living way below the poverty line ($1 dollar a day.) That experience has opened my eyes to the real definition of being poor and living under the poverty line and what starvation really means. It is estimated that more than 1.3 billion people are living in absolute poverty around the world, and 3.5 billion are living with an income that is equal or less than $2.50 a day. This is roughly half of the world population. 9 to 10 million of those living in severe poverty die of starvation each year. I've experienced people starve to death before, and this is a situation that no human being should never undergo regardless of that person's economic situation, religious belief or political appurtenance, if we dream of a better world. In Haiti, more than 80% of the population is living below the poverty line with a revenue of or less than $1 a day. They struggle every day in order to have at least one hot meal a day, and this is wrong. By being an investor in human beings for so long and building a relationship and understanding with the people we believe that any long term solution to Haiti's agony starts with better and affordable education and better social conditions for everyone;and this is the Brice Foundation Incorporated steps in. To sum up, we are very pleased and fortunate to help those who are in poverty, in every way we can and we invite everyone who dream of a better country and a better world to join us in this worthwhile journey.


Admoun Sabra

I’m Admoun Sabra and I’m pleased to be here. I am originally from Syria, but I’m currently living in the United States. I honestly find Brice Foundation an open door to Haitian children, youths and adults who wanted support and assistance from people who seem to be concerned about their needs and their future. For years I’ve been a businessman and I made a lot of experiences with people from different nationalities, however, my experience with the Haitian Community is very exceptional because of their courage, politeness and their great sense of humor. As a friend of the Haitian community and a staff member of Brice Foundation I’m pleased to help this Foundation in its journey in helping reduce poverty in Haiti through education.  


Marie Carmel Romain Dameus

Greetings everyone,

My name is Carmel Romain. I have a degree in Administration and I’m also an interpreter. My aspiration to help my country starts with the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, and almost shattered the entire country on January 2010. This painful tragedy has helped me to better understand how significant it is to help one another, and how valuable it is to have people in our lives that we can depend on. This remarkable experience has made me realized how precious life is, and also the importance of helping those who are experiencing hardships. Sometimes, being a volunteer can open many doors and create lots of opportunities for the population. I’ve learned that helping others are very extraordinaire, and also bring us closer to one another. With that being said, I am very thrilled to be part of Brice Foundation; and I am looking forward to help as much as I can.



Daphnee Christophe Joseph

I’m Daphnee C. Joseph, and I’m a Mormon. I have a degree in Haute Couture and Social Communication. As a young Haitian I’ve had a lot of spiritual and socio-cultural experiences with the children and youths in the church. The chaotic youths’ situation in the country has profoundly touched my heart; I’ve always had the will to help them as much as I can in order to show them that they are not being abandoned or forgotten by everyone. With my collaboration with Brice Foundation, I think we will be able to accomplish many positive things together.  

Public Relation

Jean Webert Osse

Hello to everyone,

I'm Webert Osse, and I’m a member and a returned missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints (Mormon) in Haiti. I’m from Gonaives, Haiti which is a very beautiful city located north of Port-Au-Prince. It’s most likely known as city of independence. I’m a father of three beautiful children who I love every much. I went to high school at L’ecole Nationale de la Savane, Christ des Gonaives, and College Martin Luther King and Fabre Geffrard. I study computer programing and business management at Media Vox Technology. My point is that I’m very pleased to be part of Brice Foundation and can’t wait to put my expertise to the service of the organization in order to help change the lives of those who are affected by many types of social issues in our country. 

Spiritual Counselor

Carlo Jean Charles

I’m Carlos Jean Charles, and I am originally from Port-Au-Prince Haiti. For many years I’ve been a bishop for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). Those years of experiences have helped me understand the difference between what people need versus their necessity. Being a bishop is forgetting about oneself in order to better understand and serve others. As a member of Brice Foundation Inc. this is another way for me to continue helping others. With that says, so I invite everyone to get involve into Brice foundation mission that is to support and protect our children for a better and brighter future. 

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