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Brice Foundation has been helping families and individuals in Haiti socially and professionally throughout the years. We have helped turn many lives around by giving hope to those who were hopeless, love the unloved and attention to the forgotten ones. Today, many families are able to send their children to school and dream a better tomorrow for them because of Brice Foundation. None of this would not have been possible if it was not for our generous donors, business partners and other non-profit organizations that dream a better tomorrow for the underprivileged ones around the world. This is why we have create this page to feature companies and organizations that have helped us throughout the years in our journey to give hope, love and support to those who desperately need it. We sincerely think these companies/organizations for their compassion and their desire to support our mission and invite everyone else to follow their route; and remember every time you purchase any of these companies’ products or support any of these organizations you are also helping Brice Foundation and many other organizations that are working diligently to reduce poverty and illiteracy around the world. Brice Foundation, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization that's not afffiliated to any other organization or institution,, we can't be responsible for their act nor can they be responsible for ours. 


Clean The World Foundation, Inc. 

List of Companies and Organizations that Support Brice Foundation

Since its inception, Clean the World has been steadily increasing its services and operations to accommodate rapidly expanding community needs, awareness and donations, and has accepted in-kind donations of more than $2,000,000. In the process, Clean the World has put over 11 million soap bars and 325,000 pounds of shampoo and conditioner back into human use, simultaneously eliminating over 750 tons of waste. This organization is committed to maintaining an environmentally and hygienically safe recycling process.

As the world’s first, high volume soap recycler, Clean the World ensures that all bars of soap recycled and distributed domestically and abroad are completely safe and will not harm the end user due to disease or pathogens that can be transmitted if proper re-purposing does not exist. To make this, They work with various hospitality Partners to train their staff on the soap and shampoo recycling process. Bins are provided for housekeeping staff to deposit collected soap and shampoo bottles. Bins are picked up weekly by Clean the World Staff. Online training videos and housekeeping instruction posters are also provided. 

Feed the Children

Feed The Children in a nonprofit organization, guided by Christian values. It was founded in 1979 and has its headquater in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their mission is "providing hope and resources for those without life's essentials or basic needs". According to their report, they have more than 104 million pounds of food and other essentials to children and their families in all 50 states and internationally in 2011. During its 33-year history, Feed The Children has worked around the globe to deliver food, medicine, clothing, and other necessities to those who need them the most. As a nonprofit organization working in the same field as Feed the Children, Brice Foundation's team is pleased to receive their support in order to help more children and families who are desperatelyin needs here in the U.S. and abroard.


Buckner International Foundation
Buckner International is a nonprofit organization that dedicates its resources in transforming lives and changing the world through domestic and international programs and ministries. Due to their outstanding performance, they have grown and changed, and reach many lives around the world, especially the Haitians for the 134 years. Their dedication is to serve the most vulnerable ones from the beginning to the ending of life, however the can. Buckner is one of the oldest and most unique faith-based social service organizations of its kind, serving more than 450,000 people each year in the United States and around the world.

This organization was created in Texas in 1877 by R. C. Buckner with the idea to help orphan children by providing shoes ad shelters to them. Today, Buckner International operates programs throughout the world, providing services that include residential child care, orphan care, adoption and foster-care services, prevention programs, senior adult services, missionary opportunities and a global humanitarian aid program, Shoes for Orphan Souls, which provides shoes for needy children around the world.

As mentioned before, Buckner International foundation mission is to transform the lives of vulnerable children, enriches the lives of senior adults, and builds strong families through Christ-centered values. Their vision is to become a global ministry, maximizing resources and leadership to serve vulnerable children, senior adults, and families. So as a nonprofit organization ourselves, Brice Foundation, Inc. is proud to do business with such an icon in the nonprofit organization that has been changed many lives across the globe.  
The LDS Church Humanitarian 
For many years, The Church has been actively involved in humanitarian relief and development activities throughout the world. These include emergency relief assistance in times of disaster and humanitarian programs that strengthen the self-reliance of individuals, families, and communities.
Humanitarian projects are funded by donations from Church members and others. One-hundred percent of these donations go directly to help the poor and needy. In-kind material assistance is provided through items donated by Church members and others. The LDS Church humanitarian efforts relieve suffering for families of all nationalities and religions and offer hope with the potential for a better life for millions of people around the world. In fact, in 2010 the Mormon Church provided relief to people affected by 119 disasters in 58 countries; Haiti is included as well. Some of the areas they have focuses their resources are;

Clean Water:
Access to clean water improves health and family hygiene. The World Health Organization estimates that 884 million people do not have access to clean water. The Church assists communities to establish wells and other drinking water systems to provide access to clean water. The Church also assists communities establish local water committees and provide hygiene training for families. The community donates labor and materials. Over 7.5 million people now have access to clean water because of Church efforts from 2002 through 2010.

Vision Care:
Over 300 million people worldwide live with low vision or blindness. By improving the quality of eye care treatment delivered by local health care organizations, blindness and visual impairment may be avoided. The Church provides training, equipment, and supplies to assist local eye care professionals and programs. Since 2003, over 550,000 people have benefitted from Church vision projects throughout the world.

Food Production:
Many poor families in the world struggle with obtaining enough food for their needs. The Church provides training and tools for improved home food production, nutrition training, and food storage and preparation techniques to help families become more self-reliant. Since 2002, almost 40,000 people have been helped. It is our pleasure to work with them in order to touch as many underprivileged lives as we can.

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