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Brice foundation Int'l is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that's been around since September of 2011. Our EIN # is 46-3488187. We are dedicated to helping those are needs (the Poor), especially children and struggling families. Our work is being done here in the U.S. and in Haiti. However, our goal is to reach every child who's been affected by poverty wherever he/she might be. We have been working diligently to help reduce poverty and illiteracy across the country among underprivileged families since our existence. 

Our understanding is that for any country, whether industrialized or developing ones, to effectively reduce poverty education is the key. This is why you’ve been advocating for years that better and affordable education for everyone, especially for those who lack financial mean is the ultimate way. 

To make this becomes a reality, Brice Foundation Int’l has established different programs with educational (Protect our children and Support their Future), social (health and living condition, such as empowerment of the poor and women), and Professional aspect, such as (Framing Future Leaders), in the communities where we are operational.

We always argue that education plays a vital role in reducing poverty in any country, including industrialized ones. However, not a child has the opportunity to go to high school or beyond high school in order to acquire vocational or professional skills due to their socio-economic situation. As a result, getting out of the poverty circle is almost impossible. Some of them are obligated to become “restavek” and street beggars as a way to survive. Restavek is a modern form of slavery that affects both children and adolescents. They are used to perform domestic work and other shameful activities. Sadly enough, such a practice is found in many developing countries, including Haiti. Fortunately, despite their socio-economic difficulties, many of them are eager to learn and shine in various aspects of life, but simply waiting for an opportunity. This shows, despite a child is living in poverty it doesn’t mean he/she isn't intelligent or creative and if given the opportunity, he/she can make something out of his/her life. In fact, history has shown that most of our outstanding world leaders came from poverty.

As a nonprofit organization, we understand their needs and this is why we came up with programs known as “Support Children and Protect their Future” for children and "Framing Future Leaders" designed for the youth. In these two programs, we locate children, adolescents, and young adults with potential and great desire to learn and to make a difference in their communities. We support them in both, professionally and financially in their journey to become some of the county’s best and finest professionals and leaders one day. Our understanding is that it is always best to teach someone to fish than giving that person a fish on a daily basis. To learn more about framing future leaders click here... 

According to the World Bank’s most recent statistics, there are a total of at least 25,000 people who die every day due to hunger and malnourishment. The same report shows about 17 million children born each year underweight because of malnutrition, unfortunately, most of them don’t make it through. This means, every three and a half seconds, one person dies of starvation. What makes this situation more painful is that, of those 25,000 who die each year, the majority are children, 18 to 19,000 of them.

In Haiti where peoples’ earning is less or equal to $1.00 a day, continue... 

The Issue of "Restavek" in Haiti
Did you know 2 out of every 10 children in Haiti are being Forced to Performed Domestic Work?
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