Those videos are being posted as a way to help visitors understand the necessity to help those in needs. Between 18 to 22,000 children die every day around the world due to poverty, and 1 out of 2 children do not have the opportunity to go to school due to lack of financial support. It's estimated about 67 million children each year don't spend a day in school.Haiti is one of those developing countries that are facing that type of situation. For every 1000 children who are born, 350 of them die due to poverty and illnesses. As far as literacy rate, only 35 to 40% of the population knows how to read and write.  Our goal is to be a transition between those who are willing to help and those in needs. Those video are not privately own by Brice Foundation, however, we find them very useful to help our visitors understand the truth about the other side of the world. We apologize to those who might find some of those videos very insulting, but kindly they are the reality of many men, women and children around the world.

Video Name:

Help Fight Poverty and Prevent Disaster

Video Name:

Better Education, Better Future for our Children 

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Escaping Poverty/​​Life After the Earthquake of 01/12/2010 in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Video Name:

The Other Side of the World

Video Name:

Boosting Agriculture in Haiti

Video Name:

Portraits of Poverty: Reginold Beckford​

"Poor doesn't necessarily mean, miserable."

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Chains of Poverty: A short video about the poverty that surrounds our world.

Video Name:

Slums and Poverty

Video Name:

1 Dollar Poverty - Official Trailer

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