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Subjectivity is the absence of objectivity, and objectivity, on the other hand, is the uncorrupted reality or the unmoved or the unmodified truth (hard facts). This means regardless of how we view or perceive something, it will always be that thing. For example; the ocean will always be the ocean regardless of how it is viewed or perceived.

In both psychology and philosophy, the word subjectivity refers to a person's personal view, his/her particular feelings, his/her personal and religious beliefs, and desires towards... or against... This means, how a person views something is entirely depends on how he/she perceives it, and how he/she perceives it is largely conditioned by the process by which he/she translates sensory impressions into a coherent and unified view of the world around him/her.

In other words, how he/she perceives the world around him/her is the driving force behind what he/she believes to be true or not true. Despite being the driving force behind what a person believes to be true or untrue, perception also influences how he/she responds to the world around him/her. That's why you can have 1,000 individuals or more sitting in the same room, observing the same thing, but if questioned separately, each of them will have a different interpretation of what they've just observed in that room.

It will be very hard or perhaps impossible to find two individuals with identical interpretations of what happened in that room. This is why tolerance, which is "the existence of opinions or behaviors that one does not necessarily agree with" is so important within society. Because without it, we would've ended up fighting or even killing each other over each other's personal opinion or point of view.

Which brings me to my point, every time you read something on social media, whether on my page or someone else's page and you react to it negatively, whether you've done so under that post or on your own social media page, you expose yourself especially if you're reacting out of your emotions. Always assess and process what you're about to talk about before you start talking about it. Otherwise, through your reaction, your true nature and motive (s) will be revealed in plain sight without you realizing it.

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