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Your Vibe will always Attract your Tribe.

(Your Vibe will Always Attract your Tribe)

This means since you live in a universe that is made of energy, everything affects everything. In other words; whatever you send out to the world, it's exactly what you will end up getting in return.

If you send negative vibes out, you will be overwhelmed by negativity all around you in return. If you send positive vibes out, the same thing will take place, you will receive positive vibes that are equals to yours in return.

So in order for you to always receive vibes that match yours is to always be YOU, whatever "be you" may mean to you, don't be afraid to be that person.

Second, never pretend to be someone that you're not in order to please other people or to fit in, it will cause you to suffer enormously throughout your entire life.

The reason is simple; by pretending to be someone that you're not, you will end up attracting the wrong kind of people around you, people who can only relate to who you pretend to be, but not the actual you. In other words, they can't relate to who you truly are because they've never met that person. As a result, regardless of how many people you may have around you, you will still feel alone and lonely, and that no one really cares or understands you.

Frankly, I can't imagine anything more painful emotionally than being surrounded by people, but still lonely. There's not one single event, whether good or bad, that's taking place in a person's life that's without cause. If you put your emotions aside (stop being defensive or playing the victim) for a moment and take time to deeply reevaluate your life to date, you will end up finding the cause (s) for each and every event (s) that have occurred or still occurring in your life. And once figured out, you now have the power to either change them or to prevent them from happening.

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